update: css things

07/09/20 3:49

i made a thing with css, watch this! hi -- such a nice effect. that's all i wanted to say.

update: again

07/02/20 8:14

hey guys, i've come back after 2+ years! what a hiatus, huh? i added a new project here, that project is my vim-typed search engine type thing that uses google and i think it's pretty cool. check it! also, my discord is public again -- loli#1337, talk to me if you'd like. i'm going to start making longer and more frequent posts on here and they're going to be something worth reading. i hope whoever's still watching this site will get to see those! :)

update: back

2/16/18 4:27

it's been so long. how have you guys been? i've been on (about) a 4 month hiatus but now i have returned. expect the site to be updated a lot more now.

update: new themes!

10/29/17 7:10

it's been about 19 hours since i posted the poll! the winning theme was hackerman, with 2 others following behind; since i already have a monochrome design; i will add hackerman and web 1.0 soon! we shall wait.

update: monochrome

10/29/17 1:08

i've added a new theme because i already had it ready! monochrome is a white/black/grey theme that strains your eyes alot less. force-cache-refresh the page and it should be at the footer!

poll: next theme

10/28/17 11:30

i've made 4 themes for the site so far, but that's not enough. i ask from the neocities community to pick a new theme for me to add! the winning one and the one in second place will be added to the site and made a option to use! vote in the strawpoll below to choose yours!

here's the strawpoll.

update: /directory/

10/28/17 11:30

ok, i lied when i posted the update log for /archive/, the last portion of hex4 remaining was /directory/, and it is now complete. the header was changed to fit the directory, so all my projects are going into one page now. also fixed tab titles for /archive/ and the index. /directory/ is basically a sitemap where you can see every directory on this site, excluding the ones in /archive/ because those are already documented (+ that'd take forever to type).

update: themes

10/28/17 10:51

the site now doesn't rape your eyes at night. you have 4 themes to choose from, and they're all dark themed! you can choose your theme at the footer, and it will stay that way thanks to the power of cookies!

update: /archive/

10/28/17 10:10

mostly whatever was left of the old website is gone now, only stored on my hdd! /archive/ marks the last page to be updated from the new layout.

update: /info/

10/28/17 9:37

i ported the old /info/ to the new layout, and made it alot cleaner. added more questions, also. next up is /archive/!

idea: updates page

10/28/17 9:21

i think i should add a updates page to avoid clutter here. i'm still thinking about it since i still have to port my /info, /archive, and a bunch more pages to the new layout.

update: layout

10/28/17 9:12

you may have noticed that the site layout has changed. i got bored of the aesthetic look so i went for a more eye-rapey design! do you like it?


10/28/17 2:48

welcome to *nx, where i (kris) will post random stuff occasionally! but most importantly, this is where i will store all the projects i decide to work on in the future and right now! ways to contact me are located at the footer, or here. thanks alot for visiting and i hope you have a great day!


xx/xx/xx x:xx