10/28/17 9:26, updated 07/02/20 8:27

you may be asking, "what's this?"
well, this is my little spot on the internet. where i place all my projects, where i rant, and where i do whatever i feel like doing.

why did you switch site layouts?

well, this neocities account ever since it started had that layout i made specifically for another site of mine, (available here, unavailable now), and i just got tired of it. i wanted to brush up on my css and javascript skills and try this out. i think it worked out fantastically!

how do i contact you? (if needed)

you have multiple ways of contacting me! at the footer, you can find my main social media and my e-mail! i also have a discord if you're into that as well. my discord is loli#1337! i have to say that discord is where i am most active. if you're on the unoffical neocities server on discord, you can ping me using @loli as well!

that's it! if you have any more questions (for some odd reason), don't hesitate to e-mail me or use the social media to reach out, later!