originally 6/23/17 7:00~ (estimate), edited 10/28/17 11:26

welcome to the directory! .. or what some other people would like to call, a sitemap! every folder and directory will be recorded here (excluding the ones in /archive/), to keep transparency i guess i don't know lol

index - self explainatory.
archive - where i keep all the neat sites i wanna save!
vimsearch - a search engine project thing that acts like a newtab
random - my emotions placed into a webpage
strata - a pastebin project that doesn't see the contents of your pastes, ever!
themes - where i put all the css stuff
directory - you are here. :-)
cool js things - where i place all the cool js i've made or i've found (you can't see this)
osu!pp - a pp calculator, ported from a electron application of the same name